Sunday, April 1, 2012

3 weeks

Three weeks into new job and I am still in a constant state of fear and excitement.  It was subsiding a little bit until Friday when I found out I am doing a one hour powerpoint presentation and discussion on contract processing on Tuesday! WT....! !!!!

I worked Friday night on it, took most of Saturday off, saw monkey play tee ball, had lunch with the parents and watched a goofy movie with DH.  I have known about the presentation and that I was participating I just didn't know I was doing the whole thing.   Now Sunday morning I overslept and I am drinking a huge coffee trying to get wake up, and procrastinating a little bit by writing this post.  I still like the job, it is a lot of work, makes for long days, and I am HUGELY out of my comfort zone.   I am constantly looking things up and wondering if I am really qualified.  I don't have a a lawyer right there to be my safety net, I only have expensive outside counsel, which I have yet to use.    Everyone in the office so far has been nice, they are an eclectic group and I am just weird and quirky enough to fit in.  

I also got my paycheck and for a non-profit I am being paid well, so I am not going to complain.   A few people are going to India next week and I am super jealous.  I may go to Chicago or Denver for a class in the next few months, I have never traveled for work before... I feel so grownup!

On the home front I missing time with Monkey but I make sure the time I have with her is good.  We went to the mall last Sunday and she got new shoes, a hot chocolate and a hot dog on a stick which she said "was the best day ever", so cute!