Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last Weekend

It's my last weekend before my new job.  I only have half the items on my to-do list checked off and I'm tired.  Instead of taking it easy I created a to-do list that was totally overambitious.  I did spend a fun day with Monkey yesterday at a children's museum, fun but not relaxing.  It has been a packed week with Girl Scouts, softball, piano, bingo AND  a fish fry fundraiser.  I love having Monkey in sports but they really do fill up the week.

I am only one and a half modules into a thirteen module contracts course and I haven't even touched any trademark refresher stuff.  I am trying not to be worried I don't think they will expect me to know everything my first day, I HOPE!  But I do want to study more this weekend sometime in between the softball game Saturday and staffing the G.S cookie booth in front of the local grocery store on Sunday.  One of the more fun errands I did this week was buying clothes, I broke the bank!  I didn't have anything to wear.  I have been losing weight (slowly) and anything I could potentially wear I was swimming in.  I hate buying clothes at this weight I want to by them when I am three sizes smaller but what can you do?  For a serious job you need serious clothes.  It's fun to get dressed up sometimes but if I could I would probably live in flip flops and jeans.

Now the hard part, which outfit do I wear on Monday! 

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