Tuesday, December 20, 2011

dream jobs

dream jobs be careful what you wish for.... I had an interview for my dream job that fell through a year & a half ago, they have an opening again.... kind of.  It's a federal job and they have permission to interview but not hire...yet.  At least I know how it works now & I am not getting my hopes up but they did call me back in & I don't think they are interested in wasting their time so I don't know what to think.  I got myself all worked up for the interview but it was all the same people who interviewed me last time.  Instead of bombarding me with all the "so tell us about yourself" kind of questions it was "so what have you been doing since we last saw you?" ..... Now more waiting.....

In the meantime I am working at a school so I have 12 school days off!! I get to stay home w/ my monkey for her entire winter break for the first time ever, SWEET!! and I am almost done with shopping so I get to be lazy, sleep in, watch movies, and bake.  If I get the dream job and actually get to start working there (this time)  I'll at least be well rested.  Fingers crossed.