Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Half way/ half a**. Half a** at work, half a** at school, and half a** post. That is the theme for this week. It's how I'm making it through this crazy schedule. The trick is being able to find just the right balance of half. It helps if you are good at prioritizing, which I am, but this is taking it to a whole new level. I love the phrase "working smarter not harder", it sounds so much better than half a**.

Cute kid moment (I get to see them in person so rarely now).. My dad taught Monkey to say she wants to be a lawyer when she grows up (or in her words "get big"), he thinks it's cute.. I drew the line at teaching her to say she wants to drive a BMW.. but anyway, we were at a restaurant and a woman was fawning over Monkey "oh how cute, she is beautiful" kinda stuff, then she asks Monkey "are you a princess", to which Monkey replied "I'm going to a lawyer like my mommy!"......... I told her she could be a lawyer & a princess....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

I'm a mess. I have been so freakin busy this week w/ work & school, in two days I managed to: 1) run out of gas on the freeway and 2) forget my cell phone at a restaurant, realizing that after we had made it all the way home. The gas thing was a pisser, I couldn't believe it. I haven't run out of gas since I was 16! I thought I had learned my lesson. DH had to come get me b/c I was at some weird spot on a freeway merge ramp thing & no way could I have given directions to AAA, husband barely found me. It was another 2 hours in the car.

I've been at school late every night this week. I had to go the this mandatory Lexis & Westlaw training (indoctrination) which was a complete waste of time. It seriously should have been done in orientation, I learned nothing. More cheap free crap w/ their names on it. We are getting into legal research soon, I am wondering if anyone is going to tell us that there are alternatives to these two companies (rarely used but still) like books or Findlaw.

And then the keys, exhausted I went out to dinner w/ the parents, DH & monkey, then left my phone. DH went and got. He has been so sweet through all of these craziness, for two nights in a row I have running all over the place to clean up after me.

I have had a ruff first month! but I am entering into Week 6. This week's puzzler why is rent privity of estate? but leases are contracts (privity of contract) rent just seems like it should be PK? I'm confused......

Friday, September 4, 2009

Just Random

I am too busy/brain drained to write a themed post so here are just some
random thoughts from the past few weeks, poorly prosed:

*When people tell you there is no way to prepare for law school, it's
pretty much true. My suggestion would be to go work as a legal
assistant, paralegal or whatever as long as it's in an office with a
lot of lawyers and then ask yourself, "do I really want to be one of them?"
b/c after only 3 weeks I can already see that law school is really not like the real thing.

*My p/t program has a rep as being a back door into a good school and I
finding out that it's kinda true, I was surprised that at least 1/3 to
1/2 of my class is made up of people still in their 20s & given the
cars they drive I would say having to go p/t because they have to work
f/t is questionable, it doesn't bother me that they don't have to work and fancy cars,
I made my choices, but it does bother me that I'm on a curve w/ them. It
seems very unfair and I'm trying not to be bitter.

*Reading for 6 plus hours without any break or even looking up out of
you book is not recommended. I gave myself a killer dizzy nauseous
headache episode last weekend.

*I feel like I now know what it would be like to be a parent w/ weekend
visitation but even they probably see their kids more than I do right now.
The little time I have w/ her I want to be all fun, so I am buying her stuff,
taking her to special places, giving her ice cream and chocolate chip pancakes and
hugging and kissing on her so much she has started to push away
(and she is a very cuddly kid)..this week I am taking a half day off
of work so we can all go to an amusement park.

*The secret lawyer language is now becoming unraveled, I can now use
the terms color of title, adverse possession, trespass to chattels,
and manifestation of mutual assent, way more confidently now than I
ever did as a paralegal...

*Transfer of intent is my tort curve ball for the week, I left crap on
your lawn and you hurt yourself stepping on it, not only did I
trespass I committed a battery? say what?