Tuesday, July 28, 2009

denied for being a loser that stiffs libraries

My student loan application was denied last week. I was so upset I couldn't even write about it until it was somewhat close to being resolved. Why?. .. b/c of bankruptcy, default, a lien, judgement, string of credit card charge offs? umm No.... b/c of a library fine!! that's right $35.00 in unpaid library fines in a state I moved away from 4.5 years ago. Apparently when the federal government says "no open collections" they mean it! I have worked really hard to clean up my credit and I was able to get everything negative removed except for the library fines, since when did libraries become so freakin ruthless? So I had to call the library, pay the fine, and get them to write me a letter saying the matter has been settled. Luckily everyone I talked to was super nice, I miss Seattle (sometimes), and I got the letter. I faxed it today w/ a request for "reconsideration" and hopefully, fingers crossed this will be the end of it.... I HOPE!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Almost law student

Things are finally gearing up as I hit the 2 week mark. Only 2 weeks until orientation, which I have homework for. HOMEWORK! I've seen the Paper Chase so I knew I would have assignments for the 1st day of class, but for orientation? The assignment is taking a blind stab at briefing a case, there is some direction, but not much. I'm pretty much done. It took me a couple of hours, I'm resisting the urge to look it up b/c it's a fairly famous case there are briefs online. But this one I want to do myself, then I'm sure after school starts I'm not going to have any problems using "canned briefs" to help me out.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


A kid's seventh heaven and a parent's ninth circle of hell. This post is about things we do that we never thought we would do, and then we had children. I sometimes think the changes we experience when we reproduce are akin to a lobotomy. Example supplied in the following exhibit:

EXHIBIT A: We spend large amounts of $$ to go out into 95 degrees under the hot blazing sun. In this heat we stand in 20 minute lines for 60 seconds of being whipped around in an air conditioned go-cart, to see a barrage of stuffed, plastic, or projected cartoon animals singing, spinning, dancing or jumping out at you. Then after your 60 seconds of fun you are lined up and funneled through the racks upon racks of merchandise for said cartoon animals, where you get to hear "I want that" 900 times and then you're back out into the hot sun all to do over again, and again, and again. You do this until you are starved and dehydrated, and of course never fulling packed or prepared, you are forced to purchase mediocre food & drink that cost more than that fancy restaurant you went to for your last anniversary, and you don't even get the alcohol.

But we love our kids and for at least a day we get to be experience all their excitement and all the love they have for us b/c at least for a day we are the best parents in the world

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Type BANKS SUCK into google and you will get pages and pages of rants. Here is mine:

It's Tuesday morning @ work. I want more coffee but *the new job* is cheap and their coffee sucks, hence the reason they were able to hire me during a recession, but I wander. So anyway, I am going to go get a cup of coffee across the street but need to check my bank account. We have a whole $179.00 in the bank which must last until Friday. When I looked at the balance I rubbed my eyes, -765.00! WHAT! So I called husband and asked if he bought something w/ paypal recently, nope! Call paypal, had to google to get # (good luck finding it on their site). Someone had purchased a 12 mexapixal camera and shipped it to someone (w/ a different name than the account holder), Rush to Indonesia! Husband jumps to eBay and sure enough 2 more cameras have been bought and are waiting to be shipped.

Long story short Paypal sucks and it takes days to a week? maybe if we are lucky? to get money credited back to us, something about wire transfers! who still wire does wire transfers? Their recommendation? Take the documentation fromPaypal saying it was their fault and plead our case to the bank. I go to my bank which is in my new building at *the new job* (convenient so I think) I tell them story and ask them to please not take the 800+ dollars out of our paychecks that will be direct deposited on Friday and freeze the transaction. Nope! sorry they can't do that b/c lucky me I have overdraft protection of up to $1000 and the money is already gone! Money I didn't have is gone? So basically I owe the bank $800+ dollars! They will issue me a temp credit of funds but I can't access the funds. The only thing it does is stop the additional overdraft charges from racking up during the "weeks" it will take them to do an investigation, then we can get the overdraft fees waived, (b/c I have had such good luck w/ that before) but even the temp. credit takes 48 hours. I ranted, a manager came over and was no help. I told them they could explain their policy all the wanted but it wasn't going to change the fact that they suck; $800 is nothing to them; I didn't authorize this transaction; I signed an affidavit; they are shit for customer service; and I am closing my account. And I didn't even choose to bank w/ you, you took over my bank, one day the signs were all replaced with cheap banners with your stupid name on them. To this they said, "we are sorry to see you go, but we are corporate drones carrying out our inhuman corporate policy, so sorry". Okay maybe not exactly that but still? come on? What am I going to flee the country on $800? So I ran back to work and got my DD stopped and they are cutting me a live check. So to them I say "Ha! screw you BANK, you will not take my messily $800... you may get my tax money you assholes but you will not get my paycheck!!!"

To add insult to injury overdraft fees are still going through as I write this, $9.00 Starbucks = $35.00 fee. My misadventures w/ banks have officially ended. I hate all of you. We are opening an account with a credit union, next it will be under the mattress.

EDIT: My bank has just posted profits that are front page news and overdraft fees are still being added to my account...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why are you tempting me with this $$$ ???

So even though I am going to go to law school p/t while working a f/t day job I seem to be eligible for just as much in loans to cover living expenses as f/t students?? I didn't know that. It's like $18,000 a year plus I can get separating funding for daycare and a computer. I was thinking I would just take out a few thousand for a new computer (my laptop is a dinosaur in computer age & randomly stops turning on) and then maybe a little bit for daycare b/c new job has no backup care benefits and plus I need to hire someone to help out around the house a couple hours a month (if I leave it to DH to all the cleaning I may have to kill him)

But it's soooo tempting to take out more, there are all these things I can think of that we need but never have extra $$$ for... hmmmm

I went to a open house thing a couple of weeks ago at my law school (I love writing that!!) and one of the speakers harped on the loan thing saying "a lot of students live like lawyers when they are students and then when they are lawyers they have to live like students" yeah okay I guess you have a point .. but it's still so tempting!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


3 day weekends... I think I said this before but I sooo need a 4 day a week job! I was tempted to make it a 4 day weekend but I don't have a lot of PTO time at the new job, so I'm trying to save it for finals.

6 weeks till school starts! I'm making a list of stuff to do before then. It feels like I'm leaving the country or going away to prison, one or the other. A sample of things on the list:

Detail car
Fix air conditioning in car
New glasses
Clean bedroom (in particular under the bed)

I'm also trying to spend lots of time w/ my monkey, I sure am going to miss seeing her before she goes to bed 3 nights a week maybe 4. We're off to go see the movie Up today, this is her first movie in a theater...so we'll see if she make it through...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I haven't meant to be so quiet. But my work is lame, they have all kinds of weird blocks on the Internet, really I have to get special "manager" access just to be able to pull up legal blogs and anything that had the words shop/shopping/store. It was so annoying! A big part of my job is Internet research, I had them take those off, but I still have a bunch of stuff blocked.

So my point is I have started a couple of posts but I used to be able to edit and post them at my old job. When I get home, and after monkey goes to bed I'm tired and when I read them they sound crazy and rambling.... like this one!

I can access blogs now at work but it was a such a pain to get them to lift the block, I'm super paranoid and worry that I am being monitored. It doesn't stop me from surfing though I just read a lot of news stories, do they really think people are going to be more productive with the blocks?? I'm not used to being treated like a child, I had so much freedom at old job, I miss it : (

Anywho my point is that I didn't mean to be so quiet....