Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm rockin it at work. I really hope they pay for law school (fingers crossed.) I decided to think of myself as something of a covert op in the for-profit world. Someday I'll be out there fighting for good instead of evil. I'm exaggerating my company is not really evil.

I have really had the chance to shine there, so far. At Big Firm it was so hard, I was so low on the totem pole. I was giving the most lowly work and when I did anything 50 people had to look at it, find all my typos, extra spaces or incorrect spacing, and then change it to match their style. It wasn't very good for my self esteem. At new job I got a project my first day, I have been running with it and they seem very happy. I've already lost 15 pounds and I am off anti-depressants. Amazing what being busy and having a purpose will do for you!

Friday, May 8, 2009


I think I've already had a glimpse of who THAT GUY will be in my section. I was doing a little social networking via the Internet w/ my new classmates and there it was, already a credential dropping post with obscure references and a pun made in Latin. IN LATIN. already? really? ..... really?

I told work I'm going to law school, it was anticlimatic execept,.....I almost don't want to write it in fear of a jinx, but I maybe able to have my tuition reimbursed through tuition assistance... THE WHOLE THING! but it's not a done deal so no jumping up and down yet. The world will still be there to save when I come out of law school right? ... Right and I'll be in a much better mood, crusading around if I am debt free!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

They grow up too fast!!!

I need to get rid of the TV my 3 year old just told me she needs an Ab Pro something for a "flat tummy"..........

Monday, May 4, 2009


I saw a tentative schedule for Fall. Seriously how did I not see this before? I think I was blinded by my admissions obsession. Out of any school I have seen, I think it's the most brutal p/t schedule, but maybe I am making that up. I'm really trying not to freak out, but I am feeling like I am never going to see my husband and daughter again.

It would be SOOOO much easier if I had my last job! It was MUCH closer to the school and more flexible, but I really have to stop thinking about that. Nothing I can do about that! I haven't told my new job I'm going to school. I'm not sure what I'm scared of, I think I am still shell shocked from being laid off. I'm afraid they are going to be pissed b/c I told them my goal was to be a career paralegal/ specialist, but what else are you going to say? I told the firm the same thing but then I found out they were very law school friendly.. this place I don't know yet, I can't tell.
I am still planning on working in the Fall so it's not like I am leaving but I don't want them to think I am keeping it from them.... I don't know.

My father said if someone is going to be upset about me wanting to better myself then it's their problem, and normally I have a f*em attitude, but in this economic climate? ummm not so much!

Also I work for a foreign company that is very disaster conscious and I have a raging cold right now, I got nasty looks all day! I thought they were going to spray me down w/ Lysol. Yet another sucky thing about cubicles. I am going to the DR tomorrow, so I can confirm it is not pig flu!

Happy Monday (cough)