Monday, April 27, 2009


Had the weekend for it to sink in a little more. I am still shocked but it is slowly feeling a little more real. That $200.00 seat deposit check I just wrote helped with that!

I am so excited! I need to burn this moment in my brain, so that a year from now, when I'm tired or studying for exams I can look back and remind myself how badly I once wanted it...

Now here is a silly question, silly b/c I should know this ... but for any evening p/t students that might read this, what does your schedule look like? you aren't really in class from 6-10pm M-Thurs? the schedules all say classes are offered in those times, but what does your first quarter/semester look like?

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'M IN!!!!!

I was rejected by 4 schools that were lower ranked!

I applied in November but only found out today, 4 months later!

And I already paid my backups first seat deposit, goodbye $300!

but who cares I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I 'm off to go pay their seat deposit before they change their mind and I am going to go recover from the shock and relief................. more later.

Oh and I'M GOING TO LAW SCHOOL and this one's bumper sticker I'll actually put on me car!!!!