Thursday, February 19, 2009


More lay offs and I didn't escape them this time. Third round is the charm apparently.
So here I am, unemployed! I should have left a while ago, I saw it coming, but I was gambling that I might make it until I start law school, no such luck!! I got a small severance and of course unemployment is coming, but it is still scary. We cut down on our expenses. We cut preschool hours in half and I am getting rid of my beloved Direct TV w/ DVR.
:( .....

I have an interview next week, but my phone isn't exactly ringing off the hook. I am hopeful but realistic. Other firms in the area laid off people the same day my firm did.

On the law school front I was just accepted to a back up school, that I think has a program that might really work for me. Nationally it is not ranked very highly but locally it has an okay - good rep., I still haven't heard from, what is now my first choice.

One BIG positive about being laid off is lots of time w/ my monkey. I have also been cleaning, cooking and baking, like a mad woman! I have declutter projects and I want to reargange the furniture in the house.... but g-d help me after those things are done!