Thursday, January 22, 2009

a couple of things

First, a big THANK YOU! to all of you who have left the nicest comments!!! I love comments so keep em coming!

The second thing, am I the only one who got this image while wathcing the coverage, or is it just me??????????? Mein F├╝hrer, I can walk!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I love 3 day weekends!!!

Our DC office has inauguration day off. I am sure it more of a logistics issue (like the city being completely shut down) rather than a DC pride thing. I think everyone should have the day off and not just because I love my days off!! but it feels like such a national/historic event that everyone should be able to glue themselves to the TV and be teary eyed in the privacy of their own homes.

Law School oh Law School, how you torture me so!!

From the 4 schools I have heard from I am 2-2. One reject was not a surprise and did not hurt at all, it was a little like buying a lottery ticket, I was over it in about 2 minutes. However the last reject stung. Although the move was completely unrealistic I share many of the school's values and I thought that I would have really fit in there, so I was surprised when I didn't even get deferred or wait listed : (

A little solace is that it is 21 Degrees today in the city where the school is, where I am it is a ridiculous 83 Degrees w/ not a cloud in the sky. I am wearing flip flops in January!!!

The two schools I was accepted at are safeties that I am not excited about but it feels so nice to be wanted by someone!

As for waiting to hear from the others it is PURE TORTURE!! It is so much worse than waiting for LSAT scores to come out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I am starting a list of both the books I am reading and are going to read before Fall starts. I got into a mode of fluff after I decided not to take the LSAT anymore and I've read a couple of John Grisham books so far. The book on the right is what I am reading now.

There is a lot of advice online on the subject of pre law prep books and courses. A lot of people who say "don't do it, read fun stuff cause it will be your last chance for 3 years", to that I have to say "yeah right". I am way too neurotic/scared not to try to prepare.

I would also like to maybe take a summer week long prep class, I found one that offers scholarships, so I think I am going to apply. I am not so much worried about being able to handle the work, I am more worried about having a method right off from the start. If I am still trying to work, take classes and spend some time w/ monkey and husband then I don't want to waste time, trying to figure out how to study. Does that make sense? Any thoughts on this are appreciated..........

Monday, January 5, 2009


This is the first year monkey had any concept of the season, so we went all out for:




Monkey's 3rd birthday (Dec. 30th)

New Years

We had..

1 Turkey dinner

2 Ham dinners (very un - kosher I know!)

8 days worth of presents (buying & wrapping) not including the birthday

and cooking, baking and parties for the last 3 weeks............. I am so done!!!!

No wonder I haven't been posting anything..

Pictures are coming later......

On the law school front, I am still waiting, waiting, waiting...................