Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time for school...

It is time to move on from the LSAT. I have had a few days now to process my results and I have decided it is time for school. The LSAT is not an end, only a means to an end. I was going to retake in Dec. thinking that 3rd time may be the charm but I talked to my admissions consultant who thinks it might not help and could hurt (it wasn't as bad as June's disaster but not as good as I was practicing at). Right now I am tweaking my PS for (hopefully) the last time and then I can start hitting send on my electronic apps. , then the real waiting starts.

I have decided to focus on $$ and who will most likely offer me the most $$. If it was a choice today of a school in the top 100 (excluding the top 20) at full tuition and a 3-4th tier with a full scholarship,, the scholarship would win. My husband and I already have loans from undergrad and I don't want anymore. We have a mortgage and private school tuition for monkey I don't need anymore financial burdens. I decided I don't just want tuition, but I want books and a barbri course,, I am in the mood for some deal making...

I have a friend in law school once she had a full scholarship offer she called all the other schools that she was interested in and asked them to match the offer. Granted she had a 170 and is one of the smartest people I have ever known,, but still, it can't hurt to ask. okay I am off to finish my PS and my addendum.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More layoffs

More secretaries this week packing their one box and giving back their key cards. The rumor is the attorneys are going to get hit in Dec. after their reviews and billables for the year are done, but before they get their bonuses. BRUTAL!

I didn't get the in-house job. I am really not that upset about it. It would just be more corporation stuff. I just have to last here another 10 months unitl law school (wow that feels really weird to write).

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How could I forget you

UCI School of Law. Defiantly applying here. I have been working on my "why UCI law" statement for awhile but I am having problems. What is the appropriate way to say "I would f*cking sh*t myself if I could go to your school" and "you have a rockin' dean?"

I know, such a potty mouth but I have to get it out of system. I haven't been able to curse around the house in 2.5 years now.

Edit: But seriously the school is not even open yet, so I have just been writing about the dean and the faculty. However everyone will be writing about that, so I don't know how to stand out.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

CA girl

well it looks like the housing prices will stay where they are at for a while and so will we. Texas was a nice fantasy though and still am going to apply, what the hay? right? So if I am going to law school next year it will have to be in Cali. I haven't had any issues with anonymity and this blog. I guess I am just that anti-social. So I am going to post about the schools I am applying to. Here is my Cali list -

1. UCLA's School of Public Interest - ( I'm really dreaming big with this one but I'm pouring my heart into the two essays I'm writing + addendum's; defiantly my first choice)

2. Loyola

3. California Western - (Innocence Project - I may be crazy on this one I would have to take a train for 4 hours a day)

4. Southwestern - (interesting 2 year full time option)

5. Whittier - (only if I got a really good scholarship)

6. UC Davis - (might be good enough to take the loss on the house for this one, also a reach school)

7. Santa Clara - (northern CA Innocence Project - not so sure about taking the house loss for this one)

8. U of Pacific - (not prestigious but in Sacramento and government opportunities, not sure about moving for this one)

9. USC - (expecting a reject but its in LA so I have to try)

10. Boalt - (even bigger pipe dream but defiantly would move out of our house for this one)

Edit: Western State University College of Law sent me a fee waiver and a letter stating they offer generous scholarships, 25%-100% for those with a 152 and above. This school is interesting. In my working world it might as well be a non-ABA online school. But they do have a lot of alum in orange county including something like 25% of the areas prosecutors and judges. However, they have a horrible rep and are only provisional approved because they got in trouble with their bar passage rates. I don't know. No sense in giving it too much thought until I see how everything shakes out, I guess.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not so much

Am I taking this whole process of applying to law school in stride? ummm not so much. Between waiting for my LSAT score and waiting to hear back about my job interview my anxiety level is through the roof right now. Last night I cried on the train on the way home because we got an overdraft fee taken out of our bank account. Not a pretty sight!

I told my LSAT tutor I think I got a least a 158 on the test, as for my goal to be in the 160s I have no idea. So it started to hit me today that if I did get a 158 on the LSAT ummm I'm going to law school!?! I think someone will take me. Who, where and how much $$$ g-d only knows but I could go. I think back to when I first saw the LSAT and swore only geniuses could do the games. I remember my first attempts, where I would write out the names like James, Sarah and Frank instead of J, S, F because I didn't know any better and my first attempt that was somewhere in the 140s. I guess I have come a long way.

I started to look at books on how to succeed in law school and suggested first year summer reading lists and I got really excited. I'm going to law school !!! I think the financial mess we're in right now maybe a blessing in disguise. My big firm paralegal career aspirations have soured and I am not so confident that in 10 years I will be making $100,000. I want to pursue government and public interest opportunities in law school. I don't want pretend to be interested in my clients matters everyday. I want to care about my work.

Okay enough rambling for now.............

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Life goes on

Life goes on even when you are applying to law school. Work has been scary dead for some time now. I manage to keep myself "busy" (being a relative term) only because I never got my promotion or raise so my billing rate is "cheap" (again being a relative term) . I am also pretty well liked so I get dribbles of work from here and there.

They just had the first round of real layoffs at my office. I was spared. The first round is always people "they" don't like. Mostly it was people who are difficult personalities to work with or pissed off management for some reason or another. No lawyers have been laid off (yet), why lay off someone who makes $200,000 + when you lay off 3-4 secretaries and assistants? They still offered all the summers jobs and are starting the first year class as usual, typical big firm crap. I did hear one rumor though about a partner being asked to leave after December because all his clients are going bankrupt.

You never know who is safe from being laid off. They're a law firm so anyone who is pregnant or has any medical problems is safe. They're also very hesitant to lay off minorities, so you never know where you fall on the list of people to ax. I had a job interview a week ago to go in-house. I think it went well. It was an in person interview after a phone interview that went really well. I think I am going to take it if is offered to me, it is the only call back I have gotten. Job ads are slim pickins these days. I have a recruiter who keeps calling me but I don't think I want to jump firms. It would just be more of the same. If I can't go in-house I think I'll just try to move to a busier practice area, like bankruptcy. Not my first choice but what can you do in this economy? At least as far as big law goes.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Time to change the ticker again to "countdown to score". I am very happy it is over!!
I had the exact same damn order as June


and again I did better on the second than the first but the this time the second was the real!!! wohoo it went in my favor this time!! So I feel okay about all the sections except Games, June was easier. I struggled on two of the games. However I left this time not wanting to cry or throw up, so I am taking that as a good sign. We shall see what happens now.