Friday, August 29, 2008


I am really into spreadsheets, they are like crack for list makers (that would be me). Somebody might remember this scariness LINK. Well I started another

All the schools I am going to apply to, if they have PT programs, early decision, length allowed for personal statements and other goody info. I took off a school today that I for sure wouldn't want to go to, but had on my list just because it is a Tier 2 in CA. I still have 20 on my list! Thank goodness for fee waivers, otherwise $50 (at least) for 20 applications is $1000. I got a fee waiver for the LSAT so I hoping fee waivers won't be a problem. I am just really ready to apply, curse you June LSAT!!! But I am waiting to write my addendum re: my difference in LSAT scores and why they shouldn't pay any attention to that 152, until after I get my Oct. score, so I can avoid jinxing myself and looking/feeling like a dumb ass if it all doesn't go the way I plan. I wish Oct. was here already! oy vey!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Addiction

I am addicted to, the site where people plug in their GPAs and LSAT scores into a database which the site then puts into a graph for each school, showing who has been rejected, waitlisted and accepted. I check every school I am interested in about 5 times a day (work is very slow!). I need to stop. The really funny thing is I don't even have a GPA . I went to one of the maybe 5 schools in the country that has pass/fail (not Brown or UC Santa Cruz, I wish). My LSAC academic report is so sporadic I need to write an addendum, I took a long break in the middle of getting my BA and then there is some community college (paralegal certificate) and some community college classes from High School that I didn't drop and got Fs in. My paralegal stuff is 4.0 but considered graduate and not factored in the my GPA so this is what it looks like:

Grade Earned - Semester Hours
3.50 & Up A 8.7
2.50 - 3.49 B 15.4
1.50 - 2.49 C 4.0
D 0.0
0.49 & Down F 9.0 [FROM MY SENIOR YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL 1992!!!]

Unconverted 64.0

Degree (Summary) GPA: 0.0 Cumulative GPA: 2.34
Degree Semester Hours: 0.0 Cumulative Semester Hours: 37.1

So out of 101 semester hours I have 64 that are pass. I talked some of the admissions reps. at one of those LSAC fairs but they just said they would take other factors into account, resume, personal statement, etc., but that is not much help when you are trying to figure out where you stand with something like

I am also trying to write a powerful but very personal and risky personal statement about an addiction problem I had 8 years ago (not

I am a mom, 34, have an interesting resume, the first one in my family to go to college let alone grad school, and I converted to Judaism. There has to be some points in there for diversity, right?

Friday, August 22, 2008


Up until now my law school search has been confined to CA. I grew up in CA and my husband likes it here. My parents are here which is a big concern. They are very helpful and monkey adores them and vice versa. We go over to visit them at least once a week, so it was important that we stay close to them. Monkey and my mom and dad would be devastated if they didn't see each other often. We were out to breakfast with my parents one morning and out of the blue my dad said he wanted to get a large piece of land with either a big house or with two houses so we could all live together and hubby and I could finish school. I know my parents will end up living with us someday anyway. We don't have any other family and I refuse to put them in home. So I started thinking that maybe this wasn't such a bad idea. My dad is turning 66 and just had a cancerous kidney removed and we have only recently repaired our relationship (I didn't speak to him for over 15 years, due to us both being stubborn). He also has high blood pressure and has been smoking since he was 11, the cardiologist also said he has scar tissue on his heart so I worried about the number of years we have left with him.
We couldn't do it in CA, but my parents could conceivably cash out their homes here and move to a place with a lower cost of living and get a large enough house w/ a guest house that we could live in and not kill each other. The only other state I think I would consider living in is Texas. It is warm (we need warm but not too hot or humid i.e. the deep south) and not too cold. It has some cities with very affordable surrounding areas/suburbs. My parents, husband, and I have all been to Texas and like Austin (but I don't think U of T law in Austin is realistic for me) and from what I am reading online, job prospects look good.
I am very curious if anyone had any thoughts on Texas??????????

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today at work I found out we have a proofreader! Yes that is right someone whose job it is to proofread our work before it goes out to clients! wha? I have been working here a year and didn't know that. Besides that we have secretaries, word processors, assistants (me), paralegals, and lawyers and support staff up the wazoo.

Did I mention the partners retreat this year cost 14 million! That is not including the various practice retreats they also have every year.

As long as I am ranting about money you don't even want to know how many young associates complain about how expensive children are and how they don't when they will be able to start their families. Most of them even have spouses who also make 15o,000 plus. I know the city is expensive and they have school loans but even still as couples they are grossing something like 25,000 a month!

I am so glad I didn't fall into the "it takes a million dollars to raise a child" belief. Don't get me wrong, it is hard and I don't know what we would do without my parents but having her was the best thing I have ever done. She is the greatest joy in our lives and I wouldn't trade her for all the ipods, luxury cars, vacations or mansions in the world.

Break and update

Took a little break from posting for two reasons, work and my dad. My dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer and had to have his kidney removed all within a three week period. I don't think it really even hit me until after the surgery what had happened. But everything went fine and he is home recovering but still in a lot of pain. The doctors got all the cancer out so my dad doesn't have to undergo any chemo. At 66 his main concern is getting back to work. He tried to retire a few years ago and got so bored he went back to work.

The other thing I have had going on is a work thing. We had a little excitement when it looked like our client might be dragged into some litigation but it is highly unlikely. I got to court for hearing which is always exciting for me and I get to go again in two weeks. I love court!

Anywho, just a quick update. I have missed even more powerscore classes these last two weeks and now the class is almost over. It is was all refresher anyway so I don't feel that bad. I think in Sept it will hit me that I am taking the LSAT again. Right now it still feels far away.....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

under 2 months

My fellow pre-law-er over at is showing me up with all those damn good scores (I kid.. you are rocking those practice lsats!). If I figure out how to do it, I am going to add a bar with my scores as well. Under 2 months woo hoo!!!! Time to kick it up a notch.

Starting with Aug. 2 - 163 (percentile 89.4%) Doh!!! damn elusive 90% !!!!