Thursday, July 31, 2008


My Mom's Worries As A Law Student - One Less Worry

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things in 3s

Apparently there is a long history of the significance of the number 3. My DH could elaborate, he is the trivia nerd (still bitter he didn't get invited to try out for jeopardy, but that is another story) of the two of us. 3 bad things that happened to me recently are:

1. Disappointing LSAT score

2. Didn't get my raise/promotion at my yearly review (economy and layoffs in my practice area at other firms, so my firm is scared and froze all new hiring and promotions)

3. Insurance fiasco and rejected for gastric bypass surgery

I have been really depressed about the above for a couple of weeks now, but I have been plugging along and things this week are starting to look up.

1. Had a breakthrough with sufficient and necessary this week. Took an LR section and went up 3 points from my last one, not huge but it just felt different, less relying on my intuition and more understanding and still finished comfortably before time.

2. Huge amount of pressure and stress relieved at work. I am not scrounging around for projects and trying to bill like a mad woman because I know it doesn't matter, so I no longer feel stressed about being slow. I am enjoying the time to study.

3. Just got a call from my Dr. office, there could still be hope this Gastric Bypass thing could work out and I could stay with my current surgeon.

On a side note I am really trying to not to be negative about having to retake the LSAT. I am trying to turn it into a positive, telling myself "I will get a better score than I would have even if I didn't have my meltdown."

On a second side note Good Luck Bar Takers!!!!!!!

Wha????????? you say???


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm old!!!

Went on a mini vacation this weekend, it was arranged months ago before the June LSAT, it was nice but I got so sunburned it made me physically ill. Hubby and monkey didn't put any sunscreen on and they were fine (they go to the park or beach everyday). Mama on the other hand sits in an office all day and fries up as red as lobster in the sun : (

So between illness and the vacation I have missed 3 PS classes. I am feeling guilty, I need to focus and get my motivation back.

I did however finish drafting my law school resume, it is 3 pages long!!! geeshh I'm old!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


  • Sent 4 page personal statement to hubby to see if he could chop out the non-interesting chunks of my life story (I am convinced every word is critical and the essay completely falls apart, when I try).

  • Did PS homework. The sufficient and necessary drills are so much easier this time around. Also I got every in-class question correct (Baruch Ashem!)

  • Sent away second cover letter for recommendation (only 1 to go!)

  • Rethinking and researching 3 and 4 tier schools (they don't look so bad when I realize they may be the only acceptances I get).

Monday, July 14, 2008

More Studying

This weekend was my first "repeater" class. I thought I would be bored out of my mind and I sort of was in the games section, but for the rest of the class I wasn't. It was a good refresher. For the past 6 months since I first took the class I have been concentrating disproportionately on games. Although I did badly on June's games, I have been getting 18-20 on games every time in practice, doubling what I used to get. It used to be, by far, my worst section. This weekend I did two practice sections, games and LR. On games I did 3 perfect games and ran out of time on the fourth, getting 18 out of 22 correct. On LR though I thought I did really well and was expecting over 20 but I missed 7 and only got an 18. My plan for the next 2 + months is to focus on LR and RC the same way that I did games and get my score to a -4 or less for those sections. Also I plan to do ALL the homework, something I did not do my first time around.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


We put monkey into a private school she has been on a waitlist for since she was 14 months. It has been a rocky two weeks. They can start there at 2.5 and potty trained. We thought she was ready but they told us today, she is not "toilet independent" enough. It really sucks. She really loves it there. However, they said they would still hold a spot for her in the fall, if we can get her go to the potty more "independently." Apparently when the teachers ask her if she has to go potty she says "no, I'm playing" or "maybe later I'm busy."

I feel like a bad mommy....... : (

Personal Statement

I have been writing my personal statement in emails at work. Who I am trying to fool? I don't know. There is no one watching me or that even cares what I am doing all day as long as I get the few projects I have done (my practice area is dead right now).

I saw my tutor last weekend and she made suggestions on where to elaborate and what to cut out. She sent me home to start over. I rewrote it all day yesterday and then cut and pasted it into WORD, to check the length. It is 4 pages with no paragraph breaks and I still have more to say!

My number one choice, the school I am applying early-binding-decision to, is a strict "not to exceed two double spaced pages" with a 12 point font. 2 pages!!! sure if your 22 and don't have anything more interesting to talk about than the summer you worked as a camp counselor.

Also, I need to post more. I can't stand seeing my score every time I bring up this page.. blah.......

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Next few months

Thanks to everyone for there "good lucks" and encouragement. As my tutor says, if you are going to bomb, "do it big" and I did. There is no choice but to get back on the horse and do it again, besides I am just pissed, I know I can do better. My new goal is to be solidly in a 163-168 band in my practice tests, ambitious I know, but I will go in with more confidence and I think I will be a lot less likely to completely choke and freeze up.

I am going to repeat the PS class. It started on Tuesday. I need the motivation and focus and I can't afford to keep tutoring every week. I have been sick all week, so I am starting the PS class on Saturday. I am officially a "repeater"!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Well I said I would post my score no matter how painful, so here it is:


Here is a breakdown of my raw scores (number I got correct), my goal was to adverage 20 on each section putting me at a raw 80 or 161:

RC - 12 (Section I blew big time, I had a complete panic-meltdown and literally missed the entire last half of the section, but I thought it was the experimental, well it wasn't, it was the real one, I completely confused the passages)

LR - 18 (Better than I thought I was still traumatized from my panic attack in the first section and thought I did a lot worse)

LG - 15 (This was just plain careless nervousness, I was rushing through and I missed two questions on each game)

LR - 19 (Only surprise, I thought I did better this section at least over 20)

And of course I feel like I did really well on the experimental RC, otherwise I would not have kept this sad score.

Should have cancelled, my tutor and husband were so right. But curiosity just had to kill the cat.

Well I had a day to pout and doubt myself and I am 90% over it. I am seeing my tutor tomorrow to talk about my personal statement and possibly retaking the PS class.

I got my score Thursday and left work early, upset. I sat on the train and started doubting myself. "am I ever going to be good at taking the real thing? is law school the right choice?" etc., etc. Then I saw someone reading a newspaper on the front page was the story headline " Study of Death Row Finds System is Flawed". I am passionatly against the death penalty and really want to work with the innocence project, unfoutunalty the closest chapter to me is two hours away.

Well I am not ready to give up, just yet. So here we go again, count down to Oct.