Wednesday, June 25, 2008


By nature I am not a patient person, so this killing me. Even though I have fully prepared myself for a disappointing score and to retake in Oct., I am dying to get my score. I read online I could get the score as early as July 3rd!! They sometimes release the score the Friday before the official date and next Friday is a holiday.............. could time go any slower?

Friday, June 20, 2008


I am so sick! I got the post-stress cold with a vengeance. I even started drinking airborne a week before the test but apparently the LSAT stress was too strong. Despite both my tutor and my husband's encouragement to cancel and retake, I am 95% sure I am keeping. I double checked and all but one of the schools I am applying to told me they take the highest score. So I can keep and retake in theory without penalty. I just can't let it go. I know curiosity isn't really a good reason to keep it but I am dying to know. I am almost positive the first section I had was the experimental and that is the one I really tanked. However, I also know my second section was not my best effort or even close. I think I did good to alright on the last three. So if I had to guess maybe a 155 -157 best guess. However, I am praying for a miracle and blind/dumb luck to eek out a 160. I was practice testing in the low-mid 160s. I am taking a week or two off and then I going to finish up my personal statement and addendum.

On another note I just did a volunteer/pro bono shift at a low income legal aid clinic. I loved it. I wish I could go every week but I think they might notice that in the office, so I am going once a month. I felt really comfortable there, just as I did when I used to work for non-profits. I am seriously thinking that public interest is where I belong. I have started researching my financial options. I know I have to be really careful about what school I go to (LRAP) and how much debt to take on. And I thought the LSAT was the hard part! I'm thinking this is going to be almost as much work.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


If it was a horse race I would have been the horse that remained in the gate bewildered and then only after seeing all the other horses bolt out of their gates would I have then realized, oh sh-t I am supposed to be in this race.

Royally screwed up my first section, RC didn't even get to read at least 7-10 questions (it is still a little blurry), was still jolted and upset in the second section, tried, but still had to guess on several. Third section another RC (holy crap! I could still be in this) pulled my head out of a** and got in the race the last 3 sections. Was it enough to place? I highly doubt it. I want to see my score but know it will be upsetting. I am seriously considering cancelling, since one of the schools I want to apply to still averages. I am playing phone tag with my tutor/admission consultant to discuss. I was okay and laughing about it yesterday. But it is hitting me today and all I want to do is cry.............................

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Worked like crazy this week to get out stuff before I go on "vacation" next week. Felt quasi attorney- ish this week I drafted doc.s outside of my team's specialty and for xtra fun, recently laws have changed and needed to be incorporated into the doc.s. Fun but I am stressed and terrified I did them wrong. Do you still feel like that when you are an attorney or does it get even worse? Anywho they were sent off to the client and I am praying that they don't email before 5pm Friday (tomorrow yeah!!) Now I am tired and just doing the bare minimum on stuff I can reasonable get "out the door" before tomorrow. I am so glad I am taking a week off!!!!!!!!!! Also just to prove what a freak I am about the LSAT I got personalized pencils made with reassuring phases (that met the max. amount of letter/spaces). Most places were expensive or you had to buy about a over 100 of them. But then I found these -

that were only 13.00 for 2 dozen, but when they said NEON colors they mean NEON. Mine say

"relax calm confident positive"
"all my hard work will pay off"