Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Was there a 3 day weekend?

I tried my best not to anything this weekend and I still feel like I could spend another week on the couch. I went to LSAT tutoring on Sunday and only did 3 sections on Monday. I am so tired. I flailed on RC (the first section) but Games (third section) I got 3 wrong and finished before time. I am defiantly thinking I should do some warm up on the day of. Not time myself or even look at the answers, but just warm up. I am laying off studying too much this week. I think I will focus on review and maybe some RC sections but just 1 at a time. I am tired and feel like I might be coming down with something. Monkey threw up this morning in the car while husband was driving me to work. She had nothing but milk in her stomach so it was just like spit up but with much bigger pieces of curd. We had to get off the freeway and clean her up and change her clothes. You think we would be done with that at age 2 1/2. Ah the adventures of parenting!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Work! Who can work at a time like this?

Coming to work has become torture. It is not that busy, so I feel absolutely no motivation whatsoever to do anything. All I want to do is study and practice relaxation exercises. I wish I could have taken two weeks off, but having a 2 year old that brings home every germ ever known to man, pretty much sucked up all my PTO time. I barely even have the week to take off, paid that is. I cracked 165 (on an older test) this last week and at this point I know that I am my own worst enemy. So I have begun looking up ways to manage test anxiety. Normally I would balk at this stuff but............... not now!

Practice relaxation exercises along with positively visualizing the exam going well for you. A simple relaxation technique is to sit or lie quietly and begin by focusing on your breathing. Breathe slowly and regularly and say "relax" with every exhalation. Do this for at least five minutes and as long as 20 minutes. Once you achieve a state of deep relaxation, say positive self-statements, such as: I am a good student; I am relaxed, calm, alert and confident on exams; I see myself accomplishing my goals; I am capable; I have confidence in myself. Then, while still in this deeply relaxed state, picture yourself taking your upcoming exam. See yourself calm, relaxed, alert, clear and confident on the exam. See yourself correctly answering all the questions and the exam going well for you. Visualize yourself succeeding. Do this relaxation and visualization exercise each day in the days before the exam and during the half hour or so before the exam.

Throughout the exam focus on remaining calm, relaxed, and positive. Check your breathing often. Keep it regular and slow. Make sure your breathing is from your lower lungs. Avoid rapid, shallow upper lung breathing which tends to increase anxiety levels. Check your neck and shoulder muscles and loosen any tight areas.
Throughout the exam say positive self statements to yourself and push away any disturbing or distracting thoughts. Say things like: I am a good student; I am very capable; I am learning more each day; My memory is improving each day; My mind is clear and alert; I see myself accomplishing my goals; I have confidence in myself; I am an intelligent, talented person; I am relaxed, calm and confident on my exam; I am eliminating any distracting or disturbing thoughts.
Allow yourself the whole test period to finish the exam. Do not allow those who leave early to bother you. They often are not the ones who do best.
Remain clear, calm, confident and positive.
Maintain an alert mind and a cheerful attitude throughout the exam.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

beetles are good luck, right?

The LSAT and to a lessor extent applying to law school is making me crazy. I am completely obsessed with the process. I had my hand at other careers, mainly teaching and social services. I even took the MAT and applied to a graduate psychology program (not for me). I wasn't even a quarter as obsessed as I am now. I barely studied for the MAT, it was more like I looked it over before I took it. I just didn't care. Not like this.

Anyway one of the reasons I have been so busy these last 2 weeks is I am getting some actual pro bono work (very exciting!!). I was at a training all day on Saturday so I could volunteer at a legal aid clinic doing family law for low income adults. The training was at a law school that I am planning on applying to. It is not my safety school or my reach but more of a middle of the road school. I would me more than ecstatic if I got in there. I was sitting at the breakfast waiting for the training to begin when I see this huge beetle crawling on my arm. The guy (poor guy) next to me tried to get it off but it just seemed to disappear. Later in the same room for lunch the same beetle crawled across the floor next to me. I am not a superstition person at all, (well maybe a little) but I don't care. I am taking it as a sign. A GOOD SIGN.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Cause that's my fun day! Well it used to be, now it is LSAT day. I have been so busy these last 2 weeks, I skipped out on my Sunday tutoring to do a test with the "LSAT proctor". It was okay. It was a little weird and low budget but having someone else call time is really nice. I had to turn off the distractions. They were a little too much, pencil tapping, people talking/clearing throats, then all of a sudden a helicopter! Even with the extra distractions turned off, there were still doors squeaking and papers rustling around. I think I will work myself into the extra distractions. Also, I only did 4 sections. I need to get my endurance up. I am exhausted after 4 sections and my eyes start crossing. I got 163 yesterday and on the two previous ones I got 164. So I am feeling pretty good. Baring some major catastrophe I will take it in 28 days. I put in for a week off, so I will have a total of 9 days off! I will do a test a day, five sections plus the writing section. It will also be a mini vaction. I plan to see "Sex in the City" and use a gift certificate I got for Mom's Day for a pedicure and a message. It only took me 10 months! But I am starting to feel "solid".

Monday, May 5, 2008


I love my LSAT tutor! She is really great. I saw her for 3.5 hours yesterday. We spent maybe 2 hours pounding out games and logic questions and the rest was LSAT therapy. I always feel so calm and good about myself when I see her. We talked a lot about improving my confidence. I discount or make excuses for how I could be testing in the 160s. It's as if I only think I am capable/worthy of a score in the 150s. I seriously need to stop that, instead of making it a self-fulling prophecy. We also talked about how much time to take off of work before the test (1 week) and what to do for that week. Also we had the "will I be ready in June" talk , she thinks "yes" and I think "I can't do this until Oct." so it's June or bust!!!

PS I thought this was the goofiest thing when I first saw it and now less than 6 weeks until the real thing I bought it!


I couldn't help myself! It's a virtual proctor on DVD and it has people coughing on it!! I even paid the extra $3.00 to get it in 2-3 days!!