Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Test Preparation That Never Ends

How scary is this? With the help of my tutor I am plowing away at almost every available LSAT test between now and June. I am doing 1-3 Sections a day plus review, and a full test 1-2x a month. If I don't get at least a 160+ in June I am seriously reconsidering this law school thing.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Monkey came into my office last Friday she had lots of fun getting oodles of attention and little desk toys from all the Secretaries. She had so much fun that when it came time to leave she had a tantrum/melt down in my Boss/Partner's office. I picked her up and swiftly took her out of the office leaving her and my husband at the elevators, with husband trying to talk her out of taking off her pants. I was a little embarrassed even though my Partner is probably the nicest boss I have ever had. Today however a different Partner (not my boss) went storming down the hall yelling "he is a f*cking psycho path" (referring to a client) several times and now I am not so embarrassed. At least Friday's tantrum came from a 2 year old.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have my first tutoring session this weekend, Who Hoo !!!!!
Sat. from 12-2pm. I have been telling any random person who will listen the whole story of how its only $75.oo an hour as opposed to the usual $120.00 and about how a higher score could give you back that investment 10 fold and bla bla bla blahhh..... no one cares what I am babbling about. I am just trying to convince myself. All I can think of is how I am coughing up a $150.00 dollars for 2 hours!

There is not enough time to take a whole new practice test so I am pulling the last couple I took and some games that have driven my batty. I am already feeling motivated. It's the Jenny Craig effect (Jenny Craig is big among the women in my office right now) you spend so much money for that crappy food you force yourself to eat it and loose weight just because your pissed at how much $ you are spending.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kick in the A*S

Apparently I need to pay someone $75.00 an hour (which is a good rate) to kick me in the above aforementioned body area. I am not complaining about my new tutor, because she is fantastic.
While I do need help with games and maybe some reading comp. (really how am I still missing main point questions, didn't I learn those in the 4th grade?) what I really need from her is the kick. I am a little disappointed in myself that I need to find outside motivation. I have always thought of myself as self motivated. But that is what I need, what can I say the LSAT sucks!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well if this doesn't make me feel ridiculous for not having taken the LSAT yet.....................

Eight-year-old passes law school entrance test

March 7, 2008 - 6:01AM

An eight-year-old Brazilian boy has passed a law school entrance exam - earning him praise and shocking the country's legal profession.
The Brazilian Bar Association said the achievement of Joao Victor Portellinha should be taken as a warning about the low standards of some of the nation's law schools.
"If this is confirmed, the Education Ministry should immediately intervene ... to investigate the circumstances of this case," said the association's president in Goias state, Miguel Angelo Cancado.
The boy is still in Year 5 - two levels ahead of normal for his age - but his mother says he's not a cloistered genius.
"He is a regular boy," she told the Folha de S Paulo newspaper.
"He is very dedicated, likes to read and study, but he has fun and makes friends."
The Universidade Paulista, a multi-campus private university, said today that the boy won't be enrolling any time soon. He still has to graduate from high school.
"My dream is to be a federal judge," the boy said, according to Globo TV's website.
"So I decided to take the test to see how I would do ... It was easy. I studied a week before the test."

Law Firms

I just discovered the blog below. For life in big time law firm, she has some great and oh so true stories.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Universal Health Care

I just have to chime in with a personal story. My father is retired military (20 years service) and a Vietnam vet who saw active combat. Recently he went for dental work and while the work was being done his blood pressure dropped. The dentist called for an ambulance and by law was taken to the closest hospital which was Kaiser. The Kaiser doctors wanted him admitted but didn't know anything about his medical insurance which is Tricare a government plan for veterans which my father pays premiums for every month (he even pays extra for a "deluxe plan"). Kaiser then tried calling other hospitals but they wouldn't take him without a "contact" person (a doctor who is willing to accept him) and since no one was familiar with his insurance long shory short he ended up a state hospital. We followed the ambulance there and it was worse than stepping into the largest homeless shelter in downtown LA (I have volunteered there). My mother, husband and myself tried to talk my father into getting into the car with us and just leaving but he wouldn't he stayed the night. The next day he still had not been seen by a doctor and the heroin addict in the next bed finally got on his nerves enough that he signed himself out and walked out. My husband picked him up and took him straight to his doctor's office. It was a nightmare my father was sick and instead of being able to focus on him I was literally on the phone with hospital admin.s talking about insurance. Our systemis broken. There is no excuse in a country as rich as ours. Everyone should be as educated and as healthy as they can be. It is not a hand out when it benefits society and the community as a whole. Here are some links and that is my 2 cents.

The Case For Single Payer, Universal Health Care For The United States


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