Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh right the LSAT

I went to the library for a long overdue practice test today. It was
like going to the gym after skipping for months and then trying to do a
full 2 hour workout with weights AND high impact aerobics . In the
fourth section I thought I was going to die. Forget about even throwing
in an extra section for the experimental. I barely and I mean barely eeeked out a 160. The test is next Saturday and I am 90% sure that if I take it I will end up cancelling the score unless it feels unusually
easy and I finish all the sections. My wild card is games and to a
lessor extent reading comp. If the games happen to be ones that are
easier for me I can get into the low 160s if I struggle with more than
one game I am in trouble and drop to the high 150s. I have someone who
is great that will charge me 70 an hour for tutoring but that is still
a lot of money for us. I wouldn't be able to do that until after we get our tax
refund. I am going to take another test tomorrow and take some sections on
the train to and from work and on my lunch breaks this week. June is
not that far away, I was just hoping to get it over with.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back from the EDGE

Yes I did it. I fell prey and became a victim of my environment or as another paralegal put it "I drank the Kool-aid". No I did not see myself driving a BMW, wearing Gucci shoes, or vacationing in the Bahamas but I did see that $160,000 to start and $30-80,000 in bonus and think damn if I could get even close to that! I saw a nice house in a nice family neighborhood (and in So. Cal. that's $800,000- 1 million), a new car, private school for my monkey, and vacations (but it didn't have to be 4 star island vacations).

I had to snap myself out of it and come back to reality, when the reality is if I look around I see a bunch of depressed, workaholics, who think the packages they get everyday from mail order/Internet shopping make them happy. I see their faces every time their phones ring, the look of dread because they hate their clients. My office world is another planet, it is obscene! You could feed a family in Africa (a large family) for a year off the retail value of the purses alone that are in this office. This place is not me and I am glad. I just need to remind myself of that. I am the sole supporter of my family right now and this place is allowing for that, but it is not forever. Monkey will get older and be in school, husband will graduate and hopefully be employed as an engineer and I can spend more time doing good instead of doing evil by proxy.

I going to a wrongful conviction symposium in a couple of weeks and I am very excited! I need to be reminded of why I was drawn to the law in the first place. I want to look into public interest scholarships because these fancy firms are just not for me!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I am seriously considering postponing the LSAT test again. The school which is my number one (realistically) still averages scores and I don't feel consistent enough (i.e. I am scared)

Our kitchen remodel is chugging along and I am very excited to have kitchen cabinets again, after 2 plus years of not.

Work is as boring as ever and I finally got an answer on my raise, it will take effect Jun. 1.

We have entered into the "adventures in toilet training". She is fascinated with the process but has yet to actually pee pee in the potty as of yet.

Husband is cruising along through his classes, still all As and he goes 2 days a week now and watches monkey the other 3 days (cutting our daycare bill in half yay!!!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not much new

Not much new to report. Baby is not really a baby anymore she turned two at the end of December. She talking in sentences and we are about to begin adventures in potty training. She continues to amaze us everyday.

I dipped down in LSAT practice score to 160 and I am seriously considering postponing until June. I don't want to wait too long because it is all fresh in my head but I am not going to start till at least 2009 and I really really really want a 160 ++ .

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Hillary is my girl. I just can't help it. I want to see a woman President finally elected. I even gave $10.00 to her campaign and entered a contest to have lunch with her. Sure she is a Demopublican and she is established establishment, but I buy into her the same way I bought into Bill. There is something about those two that make me believe they truly care about the people who need it the most. I see fresh idealism and energy in Barack but Hilary is someone I would want for a Mom. She just oozes compassion they way only woman and moms do.

And that is what is has come down to for Democrats like myself, popularity, who you think can win and who you think you would most want to have over to your house. Because when it comes down to it they are all the same candidate (the big 3) their "plans" for America are virtually identical. Honestly I would be more than trilled to see any one them as President. If another evangelical republican wins I am seriously moving to Canada.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I am obsessed with the LSAT. After my 164, which I convinced myself was a fluke, I panicked and tried to take another test but had to score myself after each section and then guesstimate the highest score I could get. After a couple of individual sections of this. I realized how crazy I am and I gave up on trying to repeat it this weekend. I will try again next weekend at the library (the library was closed this last weekend) and copy the test out of my book and leave the answers at home.

On a side note my father has really latched on to the idea of me going to law school. Up until a few years ago we ahead a strained relationship at best. We repaired our relationship a few years ago. Now he is so proud, a different proud than when I graduated from my teacher preparation program or talked about going to get my MA in Psychology. He shared with my husband that his big regret in life is not going to school, he feels he didn't really accomplish much in life. I think a lawyer to him is really being something. I am the first one in my family to get my BA, my grandfather on my father's side was a coal miner in West Virgina who died before I was even born. He doesn't understand when I say that if I don't get a good enough score I won't go to law school because I would probably make more being a paralegal at my fancy pants law firm than a lawyer from a low tier school. To him it's just being a lawyer. I wonder if it's just pride because I have worked with such snobby lawyers that I won't consider anything other then a tier 1? Hmmm.