Thursday, November 29, 2007


I officially bailed out of the LSAT on Saturday. I signed up for Feb. instead and paid my $32.00 in my "change the date fees". I am not ready but I honestly think I can be for Feb. I know most schools aren't averaging scores anymore but I just don't think my ego could take a low score.

For a friend who is taking it on Sat. I sent her my own personal affirmations that I had intended to use on Sat. For those taking it, good luck! I am there with you in spirit. I was thinking of creating a box set, but blogging is enough procrastination.

LSAT test taker affirmation:

I own that test.

That test will not defeat me.

It's just like the practice ones.

I am the definition of grace under pressure.

If they all did it so can I.

I am just as good if not better than _____________

It's easy, I have got this sh-t down.

What cruise ship sailed what damn week or which animal is in cage 3, will not keep my out of law school!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Full time/ Part time/ Full time/ Part time

My husband is a full time student. We live on my income and a couple of thousand in grant money that my husband receives. Originally I thought I would wait until he was done before I even began considering law school. But I had so many people tell me not to wait and also he won't be done for another four years (at least). That would put me well into my forties before I would even start to practice. My dilemma there is one part time law program that it would be realistic for me to attend and would not uproot our lives.

My husband is a very go with the flow everything will work out kind of guy and he thinks we can both be full time students. I think he is crazy. I don't see how it would work. I am curious does anyone know of a married couple with a baby who are both full time students, does it happen? How does that work?

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Is in 12 days. I am not ready but I knew I wouldn't be. I guess I was just hoping magically I would start scoring a solid 165 on my practice tests. But its not quite happening that way. I have scored the same score my last 3 tests in a row. It's very frustrating, but at least a la powerscore I know what areas are my problems. My hang ups are consistent. So I will push to Feb. at keep plugging along.

On another note, it's Sunday and I had every intention of going into work today and doing some overtime. I am feeling guilty about neglecting my work because of these powerscore classes. However little monkey has decided for the last 2 nights in a row that 3 am is a perfectly reasonable time to wake up. So I am beat and my house is gross. If I do stay home today I MUST I MUST STUDY ! Husband will be at a class all day and my parents are going to take little monkey. So I must get in some study time. Also this week is Thanksgiving! which translates 4 days off! Very exciting! however it means I really must get my work done at the law firm!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


It just seemed to happen one day. My baby is not such a baby anymore. She now tells me what she did at school (I paint, swing tire, etc.), she talks to me on the phone, and tells me to "have fun" when she and my husband drop me off at work. I didn't think it was possible but she just gets more and more adorable and funny.

Some of my favorite moments right now are;

looking for her tail, the dogs have one, so why doesn't she? They are after all basically her surrogate brother and sister.

her interest in going to potty standing up. I would pick that way, if I could.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Wow! Time is flying by! Can't believe I have gone so long without a post. I got sicker than a dog (isn't that a strange expression) but now I am finally feeling back to myself. I got behind in my powerscore class and now I am struggling to catch up. The last two practice tests were back to back Saturdays and I got the same exact score. I really need to find more study time! Well, at least they were consistent! Work is busy and I am counting down, soon this crazy schedule will be over. I am almost positive I am going to reschedule the LSAT for Feb. and shoot for 2009, to have the strongest application possible. I just know I can get up to the mid 160s on that damn test. I would love to private tutor if I can figure out how to pay for it. I also want to have the time to strengthen my application with more pro bono work.

I went to the LA LSAC Law School Forum. I only talked to 3 or 4 admission officers, I started hearing the same things over and over. It was still worth going I picked up lots of catalogs and got a lot of encouragement. I got confirmation that since I am older and out of school for a while my work experience and resume are going to be heavily considered. So good news.